Unilevel-Generation Plan

Introducing to the most Reliable & Trusted Unilevel Generation Plan

The opportunities of this business give you financial freedom and connect with the IT Mainstream.

These business modules are only for our web hosting subscriber, who are sponsor to other subscriber

Sponsor Bonus

First income is called direct sponsor Bonus

10% instant income for every sponsor

You can do unlimited sponsor

Level Commission

Get 7 level Commission

First level 10%
Second level 5%
Third level 2%
Fourth level 1%
Fifth level 1%
Sixth level 1%
Seven level 1%

Renewal Income

Get passive income to every renewal for all previous work

All Previous Sponsor Bonus 10%
Previous 7 Level Commission 21%
Web Hosting subscription same for at list 5 years
Renew itself before getting renewal income
Renewal price ₹10,000/Y + GST for all hosting plan.

Leadership Bonus

One time rank achievement bonus

Rank criteria depend to two thing, first direct sponsor and total team (down line)
Most be qualify direct sponsor & Total team size For leadership bonus achievement
Leadership bonus distributed in seminar
No time limit and no fixed amount …

Leadership Pool

Royalty income for lifetime security

2% Turnover of company go to Leadership pool
Equal distribution all of Director and Sr. Director every month.
Royalty income transfer to first nominee (Wife & Husband) after you

*Time to time get extra awards & rewards depending your work performance

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